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Cleaning Cartridge Accessory-PAN-WES035P

Item# cleaning-cartridge-accessorypanwes0035
Panasonic Vortex Hydra Clean Shaving Systems, for shaver models ES7056S, ES7058S, ES7109S, ES8075S, ES8077S, ES8078S, ES8167A, ES8168S, ES8109S, ES-LT71-S, ES8228S, ES8249S, ES8249K, ES-LA93-K, ES-LV81-K Keeps shaver blades lubricated, sanitized, fresh and smelling great Long lasting cleaning cartridges provide superior cleaning power One cartridge lasts up to 30 cleanings (or 60 days) Water-based cleaning solution contains no alcohol, which equates to less skin irritation
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