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EC African Black Soap- Liquid

Item# ec-african-black-soap-liquid
Do not be fooled by the initial liquid feel of this liquid soap. It may appear watery at first, but a little goes a long way! Simply wet your hands, add a few drops, then agitate the soap in your hands and watch the suds appear! It's great for cleansing the skin yet can dry some people's skin a bit. Be sure to add a moisturizer afterwards. * EC also has a natural West African shea butter available and the EC Mama Bear Balm that's also crafted with West African Shea Butter and 100% oils.

The liquid form of the EC African Black Soap is first cut from bigger blocks of soap, soaked in pure distilled and/or spring water, then bottled for your usage in an Airless Pump bottle that allows you to get all of your product from the bottom of your bottle. We also added the liquid soap into bigger squeeze bottles for those looking to either refill their Airless Pump bottles, use their soap in the shower, or use it to wash dishes.

(To refill your Airless Pump bottle, use a long, non-sharp object to push the stopper all the way back to the bottom of your bottle until it clicks. Then refill your bottle all the way back up to the top in order for the pump to be able to absorb your soap and dispense it for you).

*When initially getting used to using African Black Soap some may feel the same tingle or slight itch from the cleansing action as you would feel when using healing clays in your skin facials. But if you experience any intense itching that does not stop right away, or any other discomfort, please discontinue using any product causing any inconvenience as you may have a specific sensitivity to it even though it's all natural.

*Our more concentrated liquid soap is currently in production and going through our Quality Assurance process at the moment. We are excited to get it done and make it available as soon as possible.
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