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EC African Black Soap

Item# ec-african-black-soap
$3.99, 2/$7.00, 3/$11.00
The EC African Black Soap is a 100% natural soap made from Palm Kernel, Palm Kernel Oil, and water in West Africa. We are currently offering it in 2 forms. Bar form and liquid form. The bar form is left in it's natural state, cut directly from the block, and packaged for your usage.

*Natural sediments or small pebbles are sometimes found when left in it's natural state. This is not known to cause any harm and can simply be discarded once discovered.

*Rub soap onto your face towel and/or loofahs, sponges, etc. to cleanse your skin.

*When initially getting used to using African Black Soap some may feel the same tingle or slight itch from the cleansing action as you would feel when using some healing clays in your skin facials. But if you experience any intense itching that does not stop right away, or any other discomfort, please discontinue using any product causing any inconvenience as you may have a specific sensitivity to it even if it's all natural.

*Our more concentrated liquid soap is currently in production and going through our Quality Assurance process at the moment. We are excited to get it done and make it available as soon as possible.
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