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EC Diamond Brow Oil

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Our Diamond Brow Oils are a nourishing blend of Jamaican Black Castor Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, and Vitamin E Oil that were all lightly heated and soaked with Horsetail Herb.

These oils as well as the Horsetail herb are known to nourish and promote hair growth individually, so combined they're able to team up and work harmoniously for your benefit.

*Though the ingredients used are simple natural ingredients, some people may have sensitivities to natural oils or herbs as well. If you develop any sensitivities after using this product, please stop the use of it and follow the instructions of your healthcare provider.

Although we formulated this oil for brows, some people do use these oils on their hair in other areas. (I.e. the scalp, lashes, etc.). If you're going to use oil on your lashes, be sure to use a clean cotton swab or other fitting option at bedtime. Apply a very light amount on the lashes as excess oil can get into the eye causing temporary blurriness of vision until the oil is flushed out of the eye.
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