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All PHOTOS USED TO PROMOTE SERVICES AND PRODUCTS HERE ON THE .COM BELONGS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. ENDLESSCORNERS,LLC ASSUMES NO OWNERSHIP OF THESE PHOTOS AND THEY ARE USED ONLY TO SHOW WHAT'S AVAILABLE UNLESS OTHERWISE POSTED. All sales are final.(Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer of the product(s) that you purchased). Typically there are no cash refunds unless we're unable to fill your order. We will however provide exchanges or a credit,(AFTER YOU SIGN FOR THE PACKAGE WITH UPS, DHL, ETC.),on defective items or clothing that are the wrong size only within 7 business days from the date that you received your order. YOUR ORDER MUST BE ACCOMPANIED WITH RECEIPT AND PACKAGING, NO EXCEPTIONS. **We assume no responsibility for ads, sales, etc. placed by 3rd party businesses and/or advertisers on Endlesscorners, LLC, (Or any sub-division of E.C.), does not get involved with promoting different ads involving politics, holidays, violence, drugs, religion/spiritism, sexuality/sexual acts/anything sexual.

We do not claim any rights to the names, logos, or slogans of any other company not affiliated with Endlesscorners, LLC. All purchasers of replica items are to understand that we are not claiming any authenticity of any replica item and we will inform customers to the best of our ability if any item being sold via Endlesscorners, LLC happens to be a replica. Endlesscorners, LLC assumes no responsibility for incorrect orders so please be sure to order the correct size and/or quantity before paying. If you shall make a mistake you must call immediately to correct the issue. SO BE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR ORDER BEFORE COMPLETION whether it's via our website, Paypal link, Greendot MoneyPak, Western Union, money order etc. If you would like to speak with a representative in real time you may follow our Facebook page, Instagram account, (@Endlesscorners), or you can email us at: Thanks in advance and we look forward to satisfying your needs.


Endlesscorners l.l.c

Our Commitment To Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy the following notice explains the information we collect, how it is used, how it is safeguarded, and how to contact us if you have any concerns.

What Information Is Collected:

As part of the order process, the following information is collected from shoppers:

Name Shipping/Billing Address Email address Phone number Credit/Debit Card Information

How That Information Is Used:

[All information collected will be used for ordering and keeping our customers up to date on new products or services. We will not sell any of our customer's info to 3rd party organizations).

Our Commitment To The Security of Your Data

[Only Endlesscorners will have access to your information and it will be used only for the purpose as stated above).

INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE,(IREP),TERMS AND CONDITIONS: As a part of our IREP program, I-Reps will receive a code and learn how it works. Endlesscorners l.l.c reserves the right to reverse any sell appearing fraud in any way through our review before payment is processed, or if the conduct of an agent directly interferes with the (EC) program. IREP also understands that ALL SALES ARE FINAL and action will be taken against anyone attempting to side deal EC traffic for personal gain. EC reserves the right to its name and logo in any color. Upon determination of suspension of a IREP's code, an email confirming this action and reason will be sent via e-mail and all money due at that point will be paid via pay-pal or IREP's selected method of payment within 7 days of the confirmation email. The active IREP also understands that they are responsible for any additional means of advertising that they decide to use to draw attention to the site or items sold through Endlesscorners, LLC. The IREP also understands that they are responsible for all taxes on money made as the law stipulates in each state business is done. A free copy of money made for the year can be attained through your Paypal, Greendot, money order or bank statements. IREP also understands that they must stay up to date with policy updates posted in the privacy section of our site that insures the safety of all doing business with us. An email sent from your e-mail address is required to properly accept these terms and conditions. *New* ( 2-4-11). All codes or monetary agreements will be voided if IREP is not active for 6 months. There will be no further obligation from (EC)or it's directly attached affiliates. **NEW** Effective September 9, 2012 In order to properly maintain all of our customers in a professional manner, all field reps must select their days to work by Sunday night. You must inform your E.C. "Field Manager" by text and/or email by the Sunday evening prior to each work week. NO EXCEPTIONS. All monies collected and days worked must be reported by 10 p.m. everyday. Violations of these rules can result in IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL from the EC platform with no further obligation from EC and can present the option for legal penalties if there are grounds found for such actions. Any direct interference with the operation of Endlesscorners, LLC virtually or real time (E.G. Attempts to side deal or under bid accounts/customers acquired or visited while on the EC platform), results in forfeiture of an I-Rep's residuals, (Irep payouts), with no further obligation from Endlesscorners l.l.c or it's affiliates.

Contact Us via mail at Endlesscorners l.l.c p.o. box 584 NEW YORK, NY 10101 Attn: IREP Program

The quotes and company names: "So much more then one thing that it's almost everything" (slogan)...>><< Company,Advertising)....Laptop Music (LM)(Company,Music)....Elements(Cleaning,Company)... Diamondndaruffrecords (Company, Music)"The WOW'em Weekly" (Advertising Company).... The Forward Sooner Agenda(TFSA) (Entrepreneur booster program)..."Project Teem"(Advertising Company) are all affiliates of (EC) and are under the same rule platform as Endlesscorners l.l.c stated above and enforced accordingly. ALSO...Our Layaway service, "E-Way", will be available for some of our products soon!

[Any questions feel free to submit those to OR 347-308-4407 for live help!)

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