Swann SportsCam w/ 4GB microSDZoom

Swann SportsCam w/ 4GB microSD

Item# swann-sportscam-w-4gb-micros4
- Water proof and shock resistant mini video camera, ideal for all sports and recreational activities. - Records AVI video files with color 640x 480 resolution at 30 fps. - Add a 16GB micro SD card for up to 5 hours of recording - Built for an active life - completely waterproof when in the case - up to 65ft / 20m below the surface. Easy to mount, strap, clip or pin to yourself and other objects with numerous accessories included. - Easy to Record & transfer on your PC - clear picture with 640 x 480 high resolution video and excellent sound. - Records AVI video or JPEG photos to MicroSD card up to 16GB. It's easy and quick to swap cards on the go. Catch more action with approximately 5 hours of video able to be recorded onto a 16GB MicroSD card (not included). - Simple to recharge & use - convenient built-in lithium-ion battery rechargeable off USB with 2.5 hours of life per charge. - Make videos at the push of a button - Video/Photo/Webcam functionality - no dials, gauges, knobs, options or preferences to configure. Turn it on, strap it on, hit record and you're away!
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